Jumping Clay - Easy to work with for all ages

JumpingClay is very versatile for children to learn while having fun creating formative arts. They can make a whole world of JumpingClay artworks by learning through play.

Mess Free

JumpingClay does not crack, crumble, stick or stain and is scented with a hint of jasmine. It can be blended into any colour. It is light-weight, soft to touch and easy to work with for any age group. JumpingClay binds together without using adhesives.

Air Drying

There's NO BAKING required with JumpingClay. Simply let your finished creations air-dry naturally. The models dry perfectly formed without any signs of cracks, crumbs, faded colours or unwanted shrinkage within 24-48 hours. It becomes even lighter when it’s dry, as light as foam, and it even bounces! If the clay hasn't fully dried, it can be brought back to its pliable state by spraying it with water and kneading it.

Non Toxic

It is a unique non-toxic modelling clay.  JumpingClay is safe for all children aged 3+ and has passed international safety tests including Q-mark, SGS, CE, Intertek, UL. It has been voted the most eco-friendly product in over 20 countries and counting. While we don't recommend that you eat it, it is harmless if accidentally ingested! So, rest assured your little ones will be expanding their imagination with one of the world's safest and most advanced air-drying modelling clays.